The franchise that has revolutionised the world of car cleaning!

With a decade of experience in the production and marketing of steam machinery, we are the FIRST ITALIAN steam cleaning for interiors and cleaning at home service.

We believed in this when no one else did. We have looked far into seeing the future of the environment, OUR FUTURE. And now, we want to share it with you.

Michele Manara – CEO ECOLINE WASH


Our history

The family business of Michele Manara, specialised in the production of boilers and steam generators, focusing on the production of car cleaning machines, with the intention of creating a network of dealers in Italy and abroad.
Ecoline Wash is born, the home car cleaning system able to satisfy the needs of the contemporary metropolitan lifestyle. A totally green, accurate and professional service that acts without affecting the environment with detergents and harmful chemicals.
Ecoline Wash enters the market as the first Italian franchise in the sector. It consolidated its presence quickly and is in continuous growth. Today, it boasts a presence on three continents (Europe, America and Africa) with a distribution of over 100 points in Italy and 40 abroad.

Our mission

Satisfying a customer’s need for a clean vehicle, offering time-savings.



We clean your car. Where and when customer wants.



We like a job done well and for this reason, we pay the utmost attention



Our steam method saves a considerable amount of water: up to 100 litres for every wash.

Why choose us?

Our strong points consist of the following elements:

  • Solid experience in the construction of steam machinery;
  • An INNOVATIVE service: ECOLOGICAL car washing ON DEMAND
  • A widespread presence on national territory and expansion abroad;
  • Use of computer systems to facilitate service bookings: via WEBSITE and APP.