The first interior steam sanitation and cleaning service at home.


Since 2011, Ecoline Wash is the first Italian franchise of steam car wash directly at your place, at work or wherever you want. Rely on the experience of a consolidated company that boasts an international network of franchisees.

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The car is a real second home. Discover our dedicated services to keep it always hygienic and perfectly cleaned with VAPOR SANITATION, even at home.


Buses like rental cars or car-sharing, taxis, public transport are used daily by many people. Make your customers’ journey enjoyable with VAPOR SANITATION by a professional interior cleaning.


Do you stack up miles and miles through bad weather and traffic? The impressive cleaning power of STEAM SANITATION allows to dissolve all kind of dirt (dust, mites, etc.) and sanitize your truck.


Do you like traveling in absolute freedom? After a nice trip or before leaving, choose to SANITIZE the interior of your camper with STEAM, it will be like new.


An essential service for all the emergency vehicles. STEAM SANITATION has the double purpose of preventing the transmission of diseases and protecting both the transported patient and the operators.


Mites, bacteria, moulds and allergens lurk in the fibres of sofas, mattresses, carpets. A simple suction is not enough to guarantee a real cleaning of the fabrics. Achieve the best results with STEAM SANITATION.

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